The Austro-Hungarian military veteran in my family tree

In the past week, I wrote about two ancestors who served in the U.S. military at key moments in our history: my fourth great-grandfather James Agin, who served in the Revolutionary War from 1776-79, and my second great-grandfather Davis Agin, who did two tours of duty in the Civil War in 1862-63 and 1864-65.

Now I can identify another veteran in my family tree. It turns out my great-grandfather Jozef Bosakowski, who was born in Zalozce, Austria around the year 1847, served as a soldier in the Austro-Hungarian military in the late 1860s and early 1870s.

I stumbled onto this discovery through my research of old parish records from Zalozce. As I wrote in an earlier post, the Roman Catholic church in Zalozce kept registers of births, deaths and marriages (księgi metrykalne) and microfilms of those registers are available in the Family History Library.

Scrolling through those records on microfilm, I easily located the August 1883 marriage record for Jozef Bosakowski and Maria Buczna, my great-grandmother. That record showed that Jozef, a 36 year old shoemaker, had been married once before to a woman named Honorata Masłowska who died five months earlier.

Working my way back through the years, I eventually found the marriage record for Jozef and Honorata, dated October 19, 1873. I was struck by the fact that the groom was 26 and the bride was 16. I wondered why Jozef waited that long to marry but the record, written in Latin, makes that clear. Jozef had been a soldier in the Austo-Hungarian military, 80th Infantry Regiment, known as the Prince Holstein Regiment.

Here’s the text of the marriage record in Latin:

Mensis: 19 Octobris
Numerus Domus: 109/94
Sponsus Nomen: Josephus Bosakowski c.a. miles praesidiarum de legione principis Holsztein No. 80 oriundus et habitans in Założce filius Basilii et Rosaliae Kwaśnicka oppid.
Religio: Catholica
Aetas: 26 6/12
Celebs/Viduus: Celebs
Sponsa Nomen: Honorata Masłowska oriunda et habitans in Założce fil. Joannis et Theresiae Diwina oppidanor.
Religio: Catholica
Aetas: 16 8/12
Celebs/Vidua: Celebs
Testes Nomen: Franciscus Kwaśnicki + Felix Kwaśnicki
Conditio: Oppidani

And here’s the English translation:

Month: 19 October
House Number: 109/94
Name of Groom: Jozef Bosakowski soldier in the legionary guard of Prince Holstein No. 80 originating from and resident of Założce son of Bazyli and Rozalia Kwaśnicka townspeople
Religion: Catholic
Age: 26 6/12
Single/Widower: Single
Name of Bride: Honorata Masłowska originating from and resident of Założce daughter of Jan and Teresa Diwina townspeople
Religion: Catholic
Age: 16 8/12
Single/Widow: Single
Names of Witnesses: Franciszek Kwaśnicki and Feliks Kwaśnicki
Profession: Townspeople

One interesting thing I noticed is that Franciszek Kwaśnicki was a witness to both of Jozef’s marriages. Jozef’s mother’s maiden name was also Kwaśnicka so it’s fair to assume he was Jozef’s uncle.

I also found a marriage record for Jozef’s brother Piotr, who got married one month later. (Piotr was the father of a number of the Bosakowski immigrants to the States, as I noted in an earlier post.) He also served in the 80th Regiment.

I did some quick research on the 80th Regiment. Its formal name was the 80. Infanterie-Regiment Wilhelm, Prinz zu Schleswig-Holstein-Glücksburg. The regiment’s namesake was an Austrian prince.

It appears that all the Austro-Hungarian imperial regiments were place-based, so the 80th Regiment recruited only from the province of Galicia, the southern part of Poland that went to Austria in the partition of Poland in the late 18th century. The regiment began recruiting in 1867, when Jozef was 20 years old. So I’m guessing he joined then (or perhaps he was drafted), served for a while and then returned home to Zalozce to marry.

The Family History Library has microfilmed records for the 80th Regiment from the Austrian Kriegsarchiv. I don’t think I’m ready to dive into that just yet, but I’ll put it on my to do list.

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4 Responses to The Austro-Hungarian military veteran in my family tree

  1. michael fierman says:

    hey john, fascinating stuff. how wonderful to be able to look at the documents themselves. I will look forward to reading more

    Heil der Kaiser und König von Österreich !

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  3. Igor says:

    Hi Jon, have you tried to find something in Kriegsarchiv?

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