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Keeping track of the Sabols of Raritan, N.J.

My grandmother Anna Sabol was the second-born child of Andrej (Andrew) Sabol and Maria (Mary) Daniel, immigrant parents of Slovak descent. I always assumed that the other members of the Sabol family stayed behind in the old country and that … Continue reading

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The family plot

You might think it would be easy to find the final resting places of ancestors from my mother’s side of the family who lived in nearby New Jersey and only died within the last century. Think again. In earlier posts, … Continue reading

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A visit to Założce, my grandmother’s hometown

The highlight of my two-week trip to Poland and Ukraine this summer was a visit to the small town where my grandmother Katarzyna Bosakowska (1889-1966) was born. She knew the town by its Polish name, Założce (pronounced za-WOYZ-tseh). You’ll find it … Continue reading

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